24.06.2016 Holding(s) in Company
21.06.2016 East Ghazalat Update
15.06.2016 Holding(s) in Company
07.06.2016 Holding(s) in Company
06.06.2016 Holding(s) in Company
03.06.2016 Holding(s) in Company
27.05.2016 Conversion of convertible loan notes
26.05.2016 Holding(s) in Company
25.05.2016 Financial Update
17.05.2016 Issue of Debt
11.05.2016 Tunisia: Ksar Hadada Permit CCH Approval Extension
10.05.2016 Holding(s) in Company
10.05.2016 Creditor and Cost Reductions & Financial Update
25.04.2016 Result of General Meeting
21.04.2016 Application for Ksar Hadada Permit Extension
13.04.2016 Holding(s) in Company
08.04.2016 Notice of GM re Share Capital Reorganisation
07.04.2016 Ksar Hadada Permit Update
26.02.2016 Placing of 77.98m Ordinary Shares
24.02.2016 Issue of Equity & Total Voting Rights
26.01.2016 Holding(s) in Company
26.01.2016 Holding(s) in Company
25.01.2016 Holding(s) in Company
25.01.2016 Update Regarding East Ghazalat Concession
20.01.2016 Trading Statement

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20.09.2015 Tunisia Update
01.07.2015 Tunisia - The attack on Sousse - implications for business in Tunisia

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